Middle Tennessee Business Network (MTBN) Business Helping Business
Middle Tennessee Business Network (MTBN) Business Helping Business
"Business Helping Business"
"Business Helping Business"






At each weekly meeting, every attendee gets at least 30 seconds to stand up and tell who they are, where his or his business is located, and what a good referral is for his or her business.  This helps put one's business in the forefront of everyone's mind, so that as we are talking with prospects or clients, we can be prepared to send that prospect or client to a member of our group, should that person need a product or service which can be provided by one of our MTBN members.  


All of us have learned lessons in business ... either through a book, seminar, class, website article, or the 'school of hard-knocks'.  Therefore, it is encouraged that each member take five (5) minutes to share on a rotating basis that 'golden nugget' of wisdom with our other members.  We have found that this professional development has helped others either avoid a pitfall, or get over a hurdle that has affected his or her business or mindset. 


In addition to the 30 second presetation each week and the five (5) minute professional development piece, MTBN allow members to present up to fifteen (15) minutes on a rotating schedule about his or her business.  This allows all of our members to learn more about a business within the group - things that might not be learned from the weekly 30 second presentation. Presenters can use powerpoint, videos, pictures, or other multimedia venues during this time slot.  


Giveaways - MTBN encourages each business who presents to bring a giveaway of some type to draw for at the end of his or her fifteen (15) minute presentation.  This giveaway item could be a gift card, cash, a valuable gift, free service, free product, etc.  Members in attendance may donate one dollar and will receive a drawing ticket in exchange for that dollar.  Once the presentation is finished, the presenter will draw one ticket for the giveaway item.  The member who has the number on the ticket drawn, wins the free giveaway.  All dollars collected are compiled into a generous donation for a local not-for-profit organization.  The compiled donation is usually awarded toward the end of the calendar year. 

Where To Find Us:

Middle Tennessee Business Network (MTBN)


Coffee County Group meets on Wednesdays, 8am at:

First Baptist Ministry Center

200 N.E. Atlantic Street

Tullahoma, Tennessee  37388


Coffee County MTBN Mailing Address: 

MTBN Coffee County

PO Box 642

Tullahoma, TN 37388


Coffee County MTBN Phone:
 (423) 364-8615


Bedford County MTBN meets on Thursdays, 8am at:

Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce

100 North Cannon Blvd

Shelbyville, Tennessee 37160


Bedford County MTBN Mailing Address:

MTBN Bedford County

P.O. Box 2844

Shelbyville, TN 37162


Bedford County MTBN Phone:

(931) 639-0911

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